saravade (saravade) wrote,

Credit Card Fraud and an Unusual New Year Gift

Recently, I received a new year greeting mail from Hemant Rath. With my memory being what it is, the name failed to ring a bell and I had to search through my mail archives to find out more. I also clicked on the links in the mail and landed up at Hemant's blog. The latest entry in the blog 'Credit Card Fraud and an Unusual New Year Gift' explained a lot.

So, I promptly decided to copy the title of his blog post for mine. It is gratifying when whatever good deeds you do come back to visit you in an unexpected fashion. Thanks for the joy, Hemant.

However, Hemant's experience with the police (as narrated by him) is not very enthusing and that's where the need for police reforms (a theme I keep harping on) comes in. After the recent Mumbai terror attacks, there is a greater interest and awareness about police working among citizens. This is a very welcome sign and if sustained, will lead to the pressure of public expectation on the vested interests in government and police to be open for the much-needed change.
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