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Slicing and dicing

Jairam Ramesh, Union Minister of State for Commerce for  recently shared his thoughts on the IT industry with the Executive Council of NASSCOM.  The entire speech is available here.

I found the speech refreshing for the way it presented data about the Indian IT industry.  To illustrate, an extract is given below.

A couple of months back, the securities firm CLSA came out with detailed analysis of the Indian IT industry which revealed that:
• 20-25% of India’s GDP expansion over the next 3-4 years will come from IT;
• India’s IT exports will cross India’s oil imports from 2007/08 onwards assuming that oil prices are at around $ 65 a barrel;
• The IT industry –directly and indirectly—will pick up a third of the addition to the urban labour force over the next three-four years.
• Over the next three-four years, the IT industry will pick up around 80-85% of India’s employable engineers.
• One in seven income tax payers in the country will be a IT professional by 2010 up from the current one in ten.

There is more insightful analysis in the speech.  It is this kind of approach to present statistics which make them meaningful and relatable.
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