saravade (saravade) wrote,

Surveillance Cameras in Police Stations

Ajay Shah has quoted an article in New York Times on the viability of the idea of putting surveillance cameras in police stations to ward off instances of police brutality. I do not think India has political persecution the way the NYT story on Uzbekistan depicts. The stories on police brutality in India are more about third degree methods in crime investigation than political dissidence. Further, surveillance in police stations may merely shift the objectionable activity elsewhere.

Many people subscribe to a school of thought that mere deployment of technology will address many of the ills in the society, but, IMO, the real change will happen through a combination of providing viable alternatives for enhancing effectiveness of crime control and maintenance of public order and 'softer' projects focusing on culture change within police and then holding those who veer off the straight path, accountable with exemplary punishment. Putting surveillance cameras in police station is a sign of mistrust, which is the wrong position to start with.
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